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Pressure sensors, switches, transducers and transmitters in a variety of formats and suitable for a wide range of applications



Sensing Elements, Capsule & diaphragms (4/15)

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Pressure sensor elements, capsules and diaphragms in either ceramic or stainless steel materials, using piezo-resistive silicon, piezo-resistive thick film or capacitive technology


Industrial Pressure Transducers & Transmitters (3/13)

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Pressure transducers and transmitters in a variety of formats.  Designed with quality, endurance and stability in mind these products are available from 10mbar through to 6000 Bar!


Electronic Pressure Switches (3/8)

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Pressure ranges from 1 bar through to 400 bar, 1 or 2 PNP switch points and fully configurable via a PC software suite, range of mechanical and electrical connections available


High Accuracy Precision Pressure Transmitters (0/4)

High Accuracy Pressure Sensor

High accuracy pressure transmitters with optional serial interface, for real-time logging to a PC or programming via the PC suite with 5:1 tunrdown capability of range.  Accuarcy is ±0.05%!


OEM Pressure Transmitters (0/9)

OEM Pressure Transmitter

Low cost, low and high volume products with no compromise to quality! Pressure ranges from 10mbar through to 700 bar available and an extensive list of options of electrical and mechanical connections


Digital Pressure Transmitters (0/2)

A range of pressure transmitters that have been designed to offer a digital output signal for applications where analogue devices are not suitable.



Flush Diaphragm Pressure Transmitters (4/15)

From standard industrial pressure transmitters with G1/2" flush diaphragm through to application specific process connections including, dairy pipe, clamp, flange and varivent fittings


Pressure Transmitters with displays (3/20)

Three-in-one devices with pressure transmitters, integrated intelligent displays and optional switch outputs. Pressure ranges from 10mbar through to 600 bar and available with a large range of process and electrical connections


Differential Pressure Transmitters (4/9)

Pressure ranges from as little as 0.1mbar through to 16 bar with high line pressures, available with various mechanical and electrical connections to suit a wide range of applications



Process Pressure Transmitters (0/5)

Pressure transmitters designed specifically for demanding applications in the process, food and dairy, chemicial and pharmecurtical industry, full scaleable, adjustable and configurable to suit the customers specific requirements

Motorsport Pressure Transmitters (0/11)

Demanding applications such as Autosport and Motorsport require not only a high quality, rugged and robust product to survive but also the knowledge and experience of correct product selection and installation to ensure they can stand the test of time and the punishment from the track!

Marine Approved Pressure Transmitters (0/6)

A range of pressure transmitters that have been design for use in the marine industry offering high shock, vibration and corrosion resistance, Marine approvals have been gained for these products making them suitable for the arduous marine applications.


Digital Pressure Gauges (0/6)


Digital pressure gauges are used to replace mechanical pressure gauges and offer higher accuracy, stability and some models include peak detection, data logging and other useful features.


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