PPL1-T Insertion thermocouple temperature probe


The PPL1-T is a basic insertion probe that can be used in conjunction with a compression fitting or rubber bung. The PPL1-T can be fitted with any type of thermocouple and manufactured in a range of sheath diameters and lengths and cable material types for different temeprature applications.

Our PPL1 sensor is designed for a wide range of general purpose industrial applications that require a flying lead sensor. Our flexibility allows us to manufacture a sensor to your requirements including all common thermocouple types and simplex or duplex sensing elements. Various common options are shown on this data sheet but this is not an exhaustive list, please contact us with your requirements. Full details of the lead types and accessories are available in the appropriate data sheet.

UKAS or traceable calibration is available upon request.

Product details

Sensor Type
Type J, K or T thermocouple. Insulated or Grounded hot junction
Process Connection
None, insertion
Electrical Connection
IP Rating
IP65 minimum, up to IP68 optional
Temperature Range
based on thermocouple specification
Optional Extra's
Customer specific sensor type, cable type & sheath, electrical termination, customer specific connectors
Operating Temperature
-75 up to 350°C
Probe Diameter
3mm up to 15mm
Probe length
To customer requirements
Product Downloads

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