PPL5-P Pt100 Sensor with Process Thread & Extension


Our PPL5 sensor has a fixed male process connection thread plus a lagging extension beneath a terminal head giving the user the ability to screw the sensor directly into a process or thermowell without the need for a compression fitting.

The lagging extension allows the terminal head to be mounted away from the process in order to protect any electronics housed within it or to allow the head to sit above any insulation. We can manufacture the sensor stem to your own diameter and length requirements and we have plenty of options available for the sensor and terminal head.

Product details

Resistance change with temperature, 4-20mA transmitter optional
Sensor Type
RTD - PT100, PT500 or PT1000
Process Connection
1/4", 1/2", 3/4" and 1" BSP, BSPT and NPT
Electrical Connection
Terminal Housing
IP Rating
Temperature Range
-50 to +250°C, Higher temperatures on request
Optional Extra's
Customer specific sensor type, type of terminal housing, in-head temperature transmitter
Operating Temperature
-50 to 250°C
Probe Diameter
3mm up to 15mm
Probe length
To customer requirements
Product Downloads

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