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Wall Mounted Process Indicators

Process indicators that have been designed in housings that can easily be mounted to a wall or panel without the need for modifying a panel or create a cut out.


SWE-55L Low cost, wall mount indicator

The SWE-55L is a loop powered indicator that takes it's required power from the 4-20mA input circuit.  This requires approx. 7V dc from the 4-20mA current loop.  The measurement input is protected by safety circui ...

SRP-N118 Wall mounted process Indicator for current and voltage sensors

The SRP-N118 process meter features easy operation, functional programming menu and a clear 4-decade, 20- millimetre LED display. Tight case with high protection class (IP 65) makes it an ideal choice for heavy-duty applica ...

SRD-N16 Multi-channel wall mount indicator

The MultiLog SRD-N16 device is designed to record and display current values as well as to present technological parameters in the form of charts. The instrument can be equipped with up to eight temperature (RTD / TC), curr ...

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