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Standard Process Indicators

A large range of indicators are available from simple indication with no outputs to full 4 x relay with retransmission of the 4-20mA signal. We carry a large range of stock so plesae contact us with your requirements.


SRT-94 Process Indicator for temperature sensors

The SRT-94 has one input: thermoresistance (Pt100/500/1000) or thermocouple (K, S, J, T, N, R, B, E). Measurement is linearised by the polynomial characteristics. The device with thermocouple input has additional measuremen ...

SRP-94MV Process Indicator for millivolt sensors

The SRP-94 meter is equipped with one voltage input 0-60 / 0-75 / 0-100 / 0-150mV. The selection of input range is realised by software, and selected range can be changed at anytime. The device operates in the following mod ...

SRP-94 Process Indicator for current and voltage sensors

The SRP-94 process meter features current input with protection safeguarding the measuring resistor against damage. The device operates in the following modes: linear, root, square and user defined (max. 20 points). The 24V ...

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