SWE-55L Low cost, wall mount indicator


The SWE-55L is a loop powered indicator that takes it's required power from the 4-20mA input circuit.  This requires approx. 7V dc from the 4-20mA current loop.  The measurement input is protected by safety circuits which will ultimately save the internal electronics against any potential overload from the system it is connected to.  Bright red LED display makes it highly visible and it is fully scaleable and programmable using an infrared programmer sold seperately.

Installation is easy as this is a wall mount device meaning there is no requirement to install this into a panel for example.

Product details

0.1% at 25°C
Electrical Connection
gland M16x1,5 (standard); socket M12
IP Rating
Power Supply
From measurement line, min. current 3.5 mA, max. voltage drop 7V
LED, red, 4 x 13 mm high
Display Range
-999 ÷ 9999 plus decimal point
Input Types
current 4-20 mA, overload-protected, input current limited to about 50 mA
Output Types
(optional) 1 x bistable relay 30V/500 mA, min. switching delay: about 4 sec
Case dimensions
64 x 73 x 36 mm
Product Downloads

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