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Process Indicators

Process Indicators come in various dimensional sizes, digit sizes, input types and also the functions available for what they can display, scale and output.  We have many versions available with indicators varying from simple small low cost devices through to complex dual channel, bargraph, multi relay and signal re-transmission versions.

Low cost, Small size process indicators

Low cost, Small size process indicators (0/5)

This range of process indicators are ideal for installations with limited size or budget constraints apply. They still have a lot of fiunctionality that you would expect from a process indicator and are packaged and designed to save cost and space.

Standard Process Indicators

Standard Process Indicators (0/3)

A large range of indicators are available from simple indication with no outputs to full 4 x relay with retransmission of the 4-20mA signal. We carry a large range of stock so plesae contact us with your requirements.

Process Indicator with Dual Display

Process Indicator with Dual Display (0/2)

A range of indicators that display the setpoint as a seperate displsy and can be adjusted by the push buttons on the front. Avoids having to go through the menu system to change the setpoint.

Multichannel Process Indicators

Multichannel Process Indicators (0/2)

You have more than 1 signal but require just 1 device? The multichannel indicators can handle up to a massive 72 inputs in a single device!

Large Display process indicators

Large Display process indicators (0/1)

Process indicators with a larger than normal display for high visibility and installations where the visibility is poor.

Wall Mounted Process Indicators

Wall Mounted Process Indicators (0/3)

Process indicators that have been designed in housings that can easily be mounted to a wall or panel without the need for modifying a panel or create a cut out.

Colour Touchscreen process indicators

Colour Touchscreen process indicators (0/1)

A range of process indicators with colour TFT with touchscreen capability.

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