SRL-49 Bargraph Indicator


The SRL-49 process meter features current input with protection safeguarding the measuring resistor against damage. The measurement is visible simultaneously on the 4-decade LED display and 20-point, two-colour bargraph reflecting 0-100% of measuring range. The set threshold values are also shown on the bargraph, and the LEDs indicate when the values are exceeded. The device operates in the following modes: linear, root, square and user defined (max.20 points). 2 or 4 relay outputs enable adjustment of the level of the measured signal. The relay output can be controlled according to one or two threshold values.

Product details

Power Supply
19V-50V DC; 16V-35V AC or 85-260V AC/DC
LED, red, 4 x 20 mm high
Input Types
All Current, Voltage and Milli Volts
Output Types
2 or 4 x 1A/250V Relays
Product Downloads

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