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Silicon pressure sensor

Slicon pressure sensors with exposed silicon diaphragms can achieve very low pressure ranges from as low as 5mbar up to 7 bar.  They can also be used in vacuum applications or any application where the media is air or non corrosive gases


DSP210U Silicon pressure sensors, uncompensated

The DSP 210U is an uncompensated silicon pressure sensor mainly for applications where temperature is relatively stable or accuracy is not the key factor in the application but price is key. Pressure ranges starting from 20 ...

DSP210K Silicon pressure sensors, compensated

The DSP 210K is a temperature compensated and calibrated silicon pressure sensor.  Thermal compensation and calibration of the sensors offset and full scale output can be set to customer requirements.  Pressure ra ...

DSP210Z Silicon pressure sensors, amplified

The DSP 210Z combines a millivolt output silicon pressure sensor with ASIC based microprocessor which produces a compensated and calibrated pressure sensor with amplified signal conditioned output signal such as 0.5 to 4.5V ...

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