ME771 Flush diaphragm, 4-20mA signal conditioning


The pressure sensors of the serie ME77X are piezoresistive ceramic sensors with three different output signal options: Ratiometric 0.5-4.5V, non ratiometric 0-10Volt or current loop 4-20mA. The sensors are based on the two piece sensors elements of the ME501/505 series and therefore are available in gauge, absolute and sealed gauge versions. The pressure and temperature calibration is done electronically with the ASIC on-board. When the temperature changes, the electronics provide an offset and span correction and also an aging detection and compensation. This new method guarantees good precision and long term stability. This serie meets EMI requirements. The ASIC stores lot specific data for sensor traceability. Custom calibration may be available. Due to the good chemical immunity of the ceramic, the ME77x sensors are suitable for nearly all aggressive media. The ME77x sensors are easy to mount.

Product details

Minimum pressure range
0.5 bar
Maximum pressure range
600 Bar
Gauge, Sealed Gauge & Absolute
4-20mA (2-wire)
Supply Voltage
10-35V dc
±1% FS
Sensor Type
Ceramic Piezo-resistive
Electrical Connection
PVC or PTFE wires
Diaphragm Material
Ceramic Al2O3 96 %
Temperature Range
-25 to +125°C
Optional Extra's
Parylene Coating, Special Compensation, Electrical Connection
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