ME707 Flush Membrane Ceramic pressure sensors with signal conditioning


The ME707 18mm Ceramic Pressure Sensors uses piezoresistive wheatstone bridge based technology screen printed on to the ceramic pressure diaphragm. The measuring bridge is directly on one side of the ceramic diaphragm by means of thick film printing. Owing to the stable material of the sensors are free from mounting problems and can be mounted in OEM applications by means of a customer specific housing. The use of ceramic ensures a high linearity through the complete range and reduces the effect of Hysteresis to a minimum. The ME707 inludes an integrated signal conditioning PCB which gives a ratiometric 0.5 to 4.5V dc output from a 5V dc supply.

Product details

Minimum pressure range
0.5 bar
Maximum pressure range
600 Bar
Gauge, Sealed Gauge & Absolute
0.5 to 4.5V dc (3-wire)
Supply Voltage
5V dc
±0.2% FS
Sensor Type
Ceramic Piezo-resistive
Electrical Connection
PVC or PTFE wires
Diaphragm Material
Ceramic Al2O3 96 %
Temperature Range
-40 to +135°C
Optional Extra's
Parylene Coating, Special Compensation, Electrical Connection
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