ME501/505 18mm Ceramic Pressure Sensor


This ceramic pressure sensor is based on a standard piezo-resisitive Wheatstone bridge screen printed onto a diaphragm which is then hermetically sealed to a body and offers a wide pressure range, gauge, absolute or sealed gauge reference and also a better overall performance regarding non-linearity and hysteresis. Pressure ranges are from 0.5 bar through to 600 bar.

Product details

Minimum pressure range
0.5 bar
Maximum pressure range
600 Bar
Vacuum Resistant
Gauge, Sealed Gauge & Absolute
mV/V (4-wire)
Supply Voltage
2 - 30V dc
±0.2% FS
Sensor Type
Ceramic Piezo-resistive
Electrical Connection
Solder Pads, Pins or Ribbon Cable
Diaphragm Material
Ceramic Al2O3 96 %
Temperature Range
-40 to +135°C
Optional Extra's
Parylene Coating, Special Compensation, Electrical Connection
Product Downloads

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