DSK 720M Capacitive ceramic pressure sensor module


The DSK720M is the latest develoment in ceramic capacitive sensing technology.  Historically with capacitive sensors it's very difficult to eliminate the environmental influences on the signal and accuracy of the sensor including stray capacitance and noise pickup in the signal.  

This was the reason behind creating the DSK720M as a sensor module complete in housing with electronics where we have taken care of all the issues mentioned above. The product is ready to install into a pocket and start outputing a clean reliable and stable signal in either a ratiometric voltage signal or digital i2c output for serial communication.

Pressure ranges from 100mbar through to 50 bar are available and owing to the capacitive technology the overload pressures are as much as 30 times for the lower pressures and 10 times for standard pressures.

Once the sensors are installed you can simply configure the sensor with the serial interface via a PC and calibrate the sensor in-situ eliminating any effects from mounting to compensate the device.

Product details

Minimum pressure range
100 mbar
Maximum pressure range
50 bar
Vacuum Resistant
Gauge or Absolute
0.5 to 4.5V dc ratiometric, optional i2c
Supply Voltage
Voltage: 5V dc, i2c: 2.7 - 5.5V dc
Sensor Type
Ceramic Capacitive
Electrical Connection
JST Socket, mating connector with wires available
IP Rating
Diaphragm Material
Ceramic Al2O3 96 %
Temperature Range
-25 to +125°C
Optional Extra's
Programming adapter including programming software
Product Downloads

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