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Pressure sensor elements, capsules and diaphragms in either ceramic or stainless steel materials, using piezo-resistive silicon, piezo-resistive thick film or capacitive technology


Piezo-resistive ceramic pressure sensor

Piezo-resistive ceramic pressure sensor (0/12)

Low cost Ceramic pressure sensors with either a monolithic or flush face deisgn, based on the piezo-resistive principle.  A variety of outputs are available including mV/V, 0.5 to 4.5V dc ratiometric, 4-20mA and 0 - 10V with onboard signal conditioning.

Silicon pressure sensor

Silicon pressure sensor (0/3)

Slicon pressure sensors with exposed silicon diaphragms can achieve very low pressure ranges from as low as 5mbar up to 7 bar.  They can also be used in vacuum applications or any application where the media is air or non corrosive gases

Stainless steel silicon pressure sensor

Stainless steel silicon pressure sensor (0/9)

Using a silicon pressure sensor within an oil filled cavity offers media isolation via the stainless steel diaphragm from the media.  This is advantageous where the media is a liquid, corrosive or high temperatures.  Pressure ranges from 100mbar through to 1000 bar are possilble

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