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Standard Range Pressure Transmitter

From ranges of 100mbar through to 600 bar

IMP Industrial Pressure Transmitter

The IMP is our most popular pressure transmitter which is based on a ceramic pressure sensor installed within a stainless steel housing on a simple O ring seal (material choice to suit media compatibility). Pressure ranges ...

DMK 331 Aggressive media pressure transmitter

The DMK 331 is based on a ceramic pressure sensor housed within a stainless steel housing with the option of PVC or PVDF. This enables the use with harsh chemicals where normal transmitters would not be sutable. There is th ...

DMP 331 High accuracy industrial pressure transmitter

The DMP 331 uses a silicon pressure sensor which enables a higher level of accuracy and resolution to be achieved.  Pressure ranges from 100mbar through to 40 bar are possible in gauge or absolute format.  Availab ...

DMP 333 High Stability industrial pressure transmitter

This pressure transmitter uses a silicon based pressure sensor and covers ranges from 60 bar through to 600 bar. The calibration and compensation process is done to a degree that ensures this product has a high stabili ...

The industrial pressure transmitter DMP 335 is based on a stainless steel welded pressure sensor without fluid.  This characteristic has a special advantage with applications where silicon oil or elastomeric seals cannot be used.

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