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DM01 Precision Digital pressure gauge

Minimum pressure range
100 mbar
Maximum pressure range
400 bar
Gauge & Absolute
Data logged values via USB interface cable
Supply Voltage
3 x 1.5V dc batterys
Process Connection
G1/4" & G1/2" male, NPT, Flush or open port
Temperature Range
-10 to +55°C
Optional Extra's
Process Connection
Optional ATEX
Product Downloads

- USB interface cable

- Calibration Kit including, hand pump, pressure adaptors and connection tube.  All in carry case

- UKAS calibration certificate on request

The DM01 is a precision battery powered digital pressure gauge that has been designed of high demand applications in the area of calibration and test technology.

The device has an innovative design which incorporates the heart of the DM01 which is the digital diaplay and data logging unit. This can be used by quick connecting any of the pressure modules available without the need for tools, calibration or adjustament... It just works!

The DM01 also has optional ATEX approval making it suitable for pressure measurement and pressure data logging within a hazardous area to Zone 0.

The graphical LC display has in-built illumination to ensure clear visualisation of the readings and operation of the device in any installation.

We also have a full range of cases, pressure hand pumps and accesories to supply a simple and effective pressure measurement and data recoding system for todays engineers.

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