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High Accuracy Pressure Sensor

High accuracy pressure transmitters with optional serial interface, for real-time logging to a PC or programming via the PC suite with 5:1 tunrdown capability of range.  Accuarcy is ±0.05%!



High Accuracy pressure transmitter - DMP/LMP 33X i

The DMP/LMP 33X i is a high accuracy pressure transmitter maintaining 0.05% accuracy. The product can also be turned down as much as 10 times by the user and 5 times by the user and still maintaining the accuracy statement. ...

DM01 Precision Digital pressure gauge

The DM01 is a precision battery powered digital pressure gauge that has been designed of high demand applications in the area of calibration and test technology.

The device has an innovative design which incorpor ...

XACT i Precision pressure transmitter - 0.1% IEC60770

The XACT i Process pressure transmitter has been developed and won awards for the unique design and practicle use in process applications. Pressure ranges start from 400mbar and go up to 40 bar in either Gauge or Absolute. ...

XMP i Precision pressure transmitter - 0.1% IEC60770

The XMP i is based on the same intelligent electronics and sensor technology as the XACT i but incorporates an Aluminium die cast and powder coated housing for more arduous and demanding process applications. Pressure range ...

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