DMK 331 Pressure transmitter for use with aggressive chemicals


The DMK 331 uses a ceramic pressure sensor and has the option of stainless steel, PVC or PVDF process connection, if the media is viscous or paste like then the sensor can be installed with the ceramic sensor face approx. 2mm from the front of the process conenction, this means that no clogging inside a pressure port can occur.

The industrial pressure transmitter DMK 331 with ceramic sensor has been especially designed for pasty, polluted or aggressive media and for oxygen applications at low pressure range.

As with all industrial pressure transmitters supplied by Impress Sensors, you may choose between various electrical and mechanical connections also on DMK 331 to best suit the application.

Product details

Minimum pressure range
0.4 bar
Maximum pressure range
600 bar
Vacuum Resistant
Gauge & Absolute
4-20mA and Voltage
Supply Voltage
8-32V dc/2-wire, 10-28V dc/IS-option, 14-30V dc/3-wire
±0.25% FSO BFSL, ±0.1% optional
Sensor Type
Ceramic Piezo-resistive
Process Connection
G1/2" DIN 3852 with Semi-flush port, G1/2" DIN 3852 with open port
Electrical Connection
Plug & Socket, Cable, M12 x 1 connector, Amphenol
Diaphragm Material
Ceramic Al2O3 96 %
Process Connection Material
stainless steel 1.4404 (316L), PVDF optional for less than 25 bar
Temperature Range
-25 to +135°C
Optional Extra's
Process Connection, Electrical Connection, output, housing material, O ring type, ATEX & SIL2 approval
ATEX Approval, SIL2 rated version
Product Downloads

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