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Semi-flush diaphragm pressure transmitters

Typical pressure transmitter products for applications where complete flush or hygenic is not required but the media is pasty, viscous or contains an amount of particles that could cause blockages to occur in conventional pressure ports.


DMK 331 Pressure transmitter for use with aggressive chemicals

The DMK 331 uses a ceramic pressure sensor and has the option of stainless steel, PVC or PVDF process connection, if the media is viscous or paste like then the sensor can be installed with the ceramic sensor face approx. 2 ...

LMK 331 pressure transmitter with semi-flush diaphragm

The screw-in transmitter LMK 331 has been specially designed for level and process measurement. Due to the semiflush mounted pressure sensors the LMK 331 can be used in viscous or contaminated media. The ceramic sensors fea ...

LMP 331 Semi-flush diaphragm pressure transmitter

The screw-in transmitters LMP 331 are suited for continuous level measurement. Due to the high-quality piezoresistive stainless steel sensor the submersible screw-in transmitter LMP 331 features an excellent linearity and g ...

LMK 351 Semi-flush pressure transmitter with capacitive sensor

The screw-in transmitter LMK 351 has been designed especially for level and process measurement. The pressure sensors are flush mounted allowing the use also in viscous or contaminated media. By using a capacitive ceramic s ...

DMK 351 P Flush diaphragm pressure transmitter aggressive media

The pressure transmitter DMK 351P has been designed for measuring small system pressure in the food industry and chemical industry. The DMK 351P is based on an own-developed capacitive ceramic sensor element. It featur ...

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