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Pressure ranges from as little as 0.1mbar through to 16 bar with high line pressures, available with various mechanical and electrical connections to suit a wide range of applications



Very Low differential pressure transmitter

Very Low differential pressure transmitter (0/1)

Differential pressure products suitable for Air and non corrosive gases. Pressure ranges from 0.1mbar up to 1000mbar. Differential, gauge or absolute reference.

Wet-Wet Differential pressure transmitter

Wet-Wet Differential pressure transmitter (0/3)

Pressure ranges from 20mbar through to 16 bar. Suitable for use with Gases and liquids. Relatively high line pressures are possible.

Process differential pressure transmitter

Process differential pressure transmitter (0/1)

A range of process differential pressure transmitters suitable for gases and liquids. Ideal for arduous and demanding applications where SMART technology is required. Pressure from 0.1mbar through to 50 bar and suitable for statis line pressures up to 135 bar!

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