Water Approved, ATEX Approved and SIL rated Level TransmittersRSS

Water Approved, ATEX Approved and SIL rated Level Transmitters

Submerisble level transmitters with approvals for water authorities, safety standards and hazardous area applications also including ATEX approval, SIL rated products and Drinking water applications.


LMK 307 ATEX approved level transmitter

Level transmitters LMK 307 is designed for continuous level measurement in water or waste water applications. Permissible media are thin fluids. Basic element of the stainless steel submersible probes is a flush mounted cer ...

LMP 307 ATEX and SIL Approved Submersible level transmitter

The LMP307 is a submersible level transmitter based on hydrostatic pressure measurement.  When the nose cone is removed there is a flush diaphragm which is ideal for applications with viscous, sludgey media such as was ...

LMK 382 ATEX and SIL rated Submersible level transmitter

The stainless steel probe LMK 382 has been designed for continous level measurement in waste water, waste and higher viscosity media.

Basic element is a robust and high overpressure capa ...

IWSL Water approved submersible level transmitter

The IWSL has been designed for use in continuous submersion in water. The submersible uses a piezo‐resistive media isolated silicon sensing technology and a stainless steel diaphragm it offers excellent stability, repe ...

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