IMCTL Submersible level & temperature transmitter - Ceramic sensor


The IMCTL has been designed for use in continuous submersion in liquids such as water, oil and fuels. This submersible device uses a ceramic sensor for the level measurement which has excellent corrosion resistance, it is ideal for applications where the media may be aggressive. The temperature sensor is based on a platinum resistance thermometer with Class ‘B’ accuracy. Housed within a 316L stainless steel, or high grade Duplex stainless steel housing, this submersible transmitter is the ideal product for hydrostatic level measurement where temperature is also a critical part of the measurement. Every device is temperature compensated and calibrated, supplied with a traceable serial number and calibration certificate.

Product details

Minimum level range
Maximum level range
Gauge, Sealed Gauge or Absolute
2 x 4-20mA / 2-wire
Supply Voltage
9 -32V dc
≤±0.25% FSO BFSL, ≤±0.1% optional
Sensor Type
Ceramic Piezo-resistive
Process Connection
Self flushing nose cone, G1/4" when removed
Electrical Connection
Vented cable and strain relief
IP Rating
IP68 Fully submersible
Cable sheath material
Diaphragm Material
Ceramic Al2O3 96 %
Process Connection Material
stainless steel (316L), High Grade DUPLEX Stainless Steel UNS31803 (optional)
Temperature Range
-20 to +60°C non freezing
Optional Extra's
Measurement range, output and supply versions, cable type and accuracy
Product Downloads

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