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Small Diameter Level Transmitter

For installations that require a smaller diameter device due to reduced pipe or bore size, from 10mm up to 20mm diameter sensors



LMK 306 17mm Submersible level transmitter for hydrostatic level measurement

The LMK 306 uses a ceramic pressure sensor of 15mm diameter to achieve the 17mm diameter body in 316Ti stainless steel.  Level ranges are from 6mWG up to 200mWG and cable options of PVC, PUR and FEP.  Standard out ...

LMP 305 19mm Submersible level transmitter for borehole and slimline level measurement

The LMP 305 is 19mm in diameter owing to the 17mm diameter silicon based isolated diaphragm pressure sensor installed internally.  This enables pressure ranges from as low as 1mWG up to 250mWG.  They have a calibr ...

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