S12S SDI-12 Submersible level transmitter - Silicon sensor


The SDI-12 submersible hydrostatic level transmitter uses a stainless steel silicon based pressure sensor or a ceramic pressure sensor in the Marine bronze version. Both types are piezoresistive technology and offer excellent long term stability and repeatability.

The Stainless steel pressure sensor version is typically used as it offers a higher resolution of pressure measurement to around 12 - 13 Bit and has a much lower signal to noise ratio offering a very smooth and accurate means of measuring level.

The ceramic pressure sensor version is better suited for use in the Mrine Bronze housing which then offers excellent media compatibilty in applications where standard devices are attacked and corroded by the media. These marine bronze versions are particularly good in estuary, seawater, brackish and saline applications even up at the higher temperatures and in stagnent applications this product has proved far more reliable than the other products available in the market.

Both versions has an inbuilt high accuracy temperature sensor that is reported back by the measurement command in the SDI-12 protocol. The accuracy of the temperature is better than 0.1 deg C and can be read back in celcius or farenheit.

The silicon pressure sensor version can offer level measurement from as low as 0.5mWG and up to 100mWG and the ceramic pressure sensor version starts at 10mWG and goes through to 100mWG. Both types will report back in mWG as standard but can easily be adjusted to mmWG, cmWG, inHG and all the standrd engineering units required via the SDI-12 interface and SDI-12 command structure.

We also have the possibility in this device to offer density correction on SDI-12 sensors, the submersible level transmitter can be adjusted for the density of the media being measured based on the temperature measured by the SDI-12 sensor and also the local gravity can be set within the device. This all adds to improving the accuracy of the SDI-12 level measurement from the already impressive 0.1% total error band!

Every SDI-12 sensor is fully temperature compensated and calibrated to achieve optimum performance, we also supply a calibration record and serial number with every device so it is traceable through our ISO9001 system.

We have conformed to the SDI-12 protocol which is on version 1.3 and details of which can be found at http://www.sdi-12.org/, we also have some propriortory SDI-12 commands to help with the calibration and compensation of this device and details of which can be requested.

Product details

Minimum level range
Maximum level range
Vacuum Resistant
Gauge, Sealed Gauge or Absolute
SDI-12 for level and temperature
Supply Voltage
6 - 40V dc
≤±0.1% FSO BFSL, ≤±0.06% optional
Sensor Type
Stainless Steel Silicon
Process Connection
Self flushing nose cone, G1/4" when removed
Electrical Connection
Vented cable and strain relief
IP Rating
IP68 Fully submersible
Cable sheath material
Diaphragm Material
stainless steel 1.4435 (316 L)
Process Connection Material
stainless steel
Temperature Range
-20 to +60°C non freezing
Optional Extra's
Cable sheath, cable length, housing material, calibrated range
Product Downloads

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