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High Accuracy Level Transmitter

High accuracy submersible level transmitters designed to give the highest level of accuracy and stability that the sensing technology will permit.  Using stable accurate digital electronics enables precision measurement to be made.


S12S SDI-12 Submersible level transmitter - Silicon sensor

The SDI-12 submersible hydrostatic level transmitter uses a stainless steel silicon based pressure sensor or a ceramic pressure sensor in the Marine bronze version. Both types are piezoresistive technology and offer excellent long term stability and re ...

LMP 308i - High Accuracy Submersible with Integrated RS 232

The precision stainless steel submersible transmitter LMP 308i is suited for continuous level measurement of fluids compatible with stainless steel. The LMP 308i based on a piezoresistive stainless steel sensor and features ...

LMK382 Precision Submersible level transmitter

The stainless steel probe LMK 382 has been designed for continous level measurement in waste water, waste and higher viscosity media.

Basic element is a robust and high overpressure capa ...

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