Hydrostatic 'Submersible' Level TransmittersRSS

Hydrostatic 'Submersible' Level Transmitters

For depths or 40cm (40mbar) through to 250 mtrs (25 Bar) and with optional ATEX approval available. PVC, PUR, FEP, TPE (a special seawater compatible cable) means these products are suitable for a range of applications

Small Diameter Level Transmitter

Small Diameter Level Transmitter (0/2)

For installations that require a smaller diameter device due to reduced pipe or bore size, from 10mm up to 20mm diameter sensors


Standard Level Transmitter

Standard Level Transmitter (0/7)

Standard submersible level transmitters from 0.5mWG range up to 250mWG range, diameters from 25mm up to 45mm and a variety of outputs and cable types.

Water Approved, ATEX Approved and SIL rated Level Transmitters

Water Approved, ATEX Approved and SIL rated Level Transmitters (0/4)

Submerisble level transmitters with approvals for water authorities, safety standards and hazardous area applications also including ATEX approval, SIL rated products and Drinking water applications.

Submersible Level Transmitter with Special Output

Submersible Level Transmitter with Special Output (0/6)

This range of submerisble level transmitters have special outputs to interface with specific systems such as RS485, RS232 serial interfaces and the popular SDi-12 communications


Chemically Resistant Level Transmitter

Chemically Resistant Level Transmitter (0/3)

This range of submerisble level transmitter have been designed to resist a wide variety of aggressive media and chemicals, with a choice of housing material, seals and sensor diaphragm materials

High Accuracy Level Transmitter

High Accuracy Level Transmitter (0/3)

High accuracy submersible level transmitters designed to give the highest level of accuracy and stability that the sensing technology will permit.  Using stable accurate digital electronics enables precision measurement to be made.

Marine Approved Level Transmitter

Marine Approved Level Transmitter (0/1)

In the marine and offshore industry there is a level of specification expected to ensure submerisble level transmitters used are of a reliable and high quality to survive the arduous conditions they are subjected to.


Sewage and Waste Water Level Transmitters (0/1)

Sewage and waste water submerisble level transmitters are installed in applications that will require a robust and rugged device to be used.  These products are of the highest quality with the application in mind.

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