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New rugged DMP 304 transmitters offer pressures up to 6000 bar

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New rugged DMP 304 transmitters offer pressures up to 6000 bar

Instrumentation specialist Impress Sensors & Systems Ltd has launched a new range of stainless steel pressure transmitters that are suitable for a wide range of high pressure applications, including hydraulic circuits, water jet spraying and other high pressure chemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil, gas and petrochemicals applications.

The design of the new DMP304 ultra-high pressure transmitter is based on a compensated strain gauge, bonded onto a stainless steel diaphragm. With its rugged, stainless steel housing, the sensor offers a maximum nominal pressure of 6,000 bar, making it suitable for use in a variety of harsh, high-pressure industrial applications.

Sam Drury, Sales & Marketing Director at Impress Sensors & Systems Ltd comments: “The DMP 304 is ideal for applications where the customer is looking for a robust, high precision, high reliability pressure transmitter that also offers very high nominal pressures. A version of the sensor is also available for intrinsically-safe, hazardous gas and dust applications.”

Special characteristics of the sensor include the ability for the user to adjust the offset and span (difference between FSO and zero) via front-sided potentiometers. This means engineers can take out sensor drift or any residual pressures in the system and can also scale the output to their preferred pressure range.

The DMP 304 is accurate to 0.5% FSO according to IEC 60770. An optional 0.25% FSO version is also available. For users wishing to calibrate the transmitter after installation, an MIL/Bendix connector plug option is supplied as standard, enabling shunt calibrations to be carried out, simulating up to 80% of FSO.

The DMP 304 is available in nominal pressure ranges from 0…2,500 bar up to 0…6,000 bar. Output signal is 2-wire, 4 to 20mA or a 3-wire 0 to 10V version is available on request. The response time of the sensor is less than 2.5 milliseconds.

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