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Miniature, low cost pressure transducers are ideal for motorsport applications

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Miniature, low cost pressure transducers are ideal for motorsport applications

A range of pressure transducers has been launched that offers motorsport teams the combined benefits of rugged, low cost construction, coupled with high reliability, high accuracy and a lightweight, compact design.

The ‘ASL Series’ pressure transducer from KA Sensors, a partner of Impress Sensors & Systems that specialises in autosport sensors, were officially launched at the forthcoming Autosport International Engineering Show, held at the NEC, Birmingham. KA Sensors showcased the ASL Series and other specialist solutions for the motorsport industry.

The ASL Series transducers measure just 21mm in diameter and so can be fitted into very tight spaces on a vehicle or motorcycle. Manufactured in the UK at Impress Sensors & Systems’ site in Aldermaston, the ASL Series transducers are ideal for harsh motorsport environments, including rally cars, superbikes, touring cars and supercars. Typical on-vehicle applications include fuel pressure, brakes, oil, water, air and coolant pressure, with custom-designed sensors available for specific applications.

As Peter Trevor, Sales Director at KA Sensors comments: “The sensors are unique in that they are rugged, compact and lightweight, but also offer excellent linearity, accuracy and high reliability. The low cost comes from the fact that we are able to manufacture in medium-to-high volumes. A rally car team could use 10 to 20 of these sensors on one car, plus spares. The sensors also have a modular construction and unique programmable amplifier circuitry, which enable us to offer customers such a low price and fast delivery times.”

The sensors, which can also be used in harsh process manufacturing environments, are available in pressure ranges from 5bar up to 200bar and operate in temperatures from –20°C up to 100°C. The sensor is constructed from stainless steel, with ceramic (alumina) diaphragms and Viton seals (for fuel, oil and water pressure measurement) or FEP (polymer) seals for brake fluid applications. The sensor also has high shock and vibration resistance and a fast measurement response time.

Accuracy is ±0.5% FS. Thread sizes are M10x1 or 3/8-24 UNF (-3), although other sizes can be accommodated if necessary. Cabling is 500mm high strength PTFE and the transducer is protected to IP67. Supply is 5V or 8-16V and output is from 0.5 to 4.5V (regulated and unregulated).

Le-Mans, WRC and Touring car racing teams are already using the ASL Series transducer for on-vehicle applications.

For more detailed information relating to the Autosport products please click here.

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