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Impress Sensors & Systems acquires Ashdown Control

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Impress Sensors & Systems acquires Ashdown Control

UK-based sensor and instrumentation specialist Impress Sensors & Systems Ltd has announced that it has acquired pressure sensor manufacturer, Ashdown Control, based in Folkestone, Kent.

The acquisition, which became official on March 1st 2009, will further strengthen Impress Sensors’ comprehensive range of instrumentation and sensor products, which already includes sensors for pressure, temperature, level and distance measurement; process controllers; process indicators; data logging and recording systems; calibration equipment; as well as SIL2-approved and ATEX-approved products.

Ashdown Control has an excellent reputation in both the UK market and in Europe. For more than 25 years, the company has been designing and manufacturing a range of LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer) based pressure instrumentation products for the measurement of pressure, level and flow. Many of these sensors are used in arduous operating conditions, including nuclear installations, submersible applications, hygienic environments, through to standard industrial installations and applications for leak detection. 

Sam Drury, Sales & Marketing Director at Impress Sensors & Systems comments: “The acquisition means that we can now offer customers LVDT-based pressure sensors for process, heavy industrial and nuclear applications, as a complement to our existing product range. Ashdown Control’s sensors offer excellent long-term stability and repeatability, and are designed to withstand exposure to radiation, high temperatures and extremely high over pressures. For example, we can now offer low-pressure measurement with a full scale measurement range of 40mbar that can have up to 35bar pressure applied to it without damage. 

As well as offering Ashdown Control’s wide range of standard pressure transmitters, Impress can also supply flush diaphragm pressure transmitters for hygienic applications, such as food processing, which have no oil fill, a clear advantage in this type of environment. 

A wide range of differential transmitters is also available, from 1.6mbar up to 16bar. This range includes wet/wet and dry types in both flange mount and a unique round housing. There is also a large range of submersible level transmitters for standard applications, as well as flush diaphragm types for dirty and viscous liquids. A unique rigid pole version is also provided for fixed installations such as liquid level measurement in tanks, where a standard cable suspended device is not suitable. 

Pressure, differential pressure and level transducers are also available for arduous applications, where the measurement sensor has to be mounted remotely from the signal conditioning electronics. 

On all product types, smart electronics is available, which means the sensors can offer 10:1 turn down ratios on the fullscale range. The customer can adjust the zero and full-scale output setting without affecting the performance of the sensor. 

“Ashdown Control is also renowned for offering custom-designed sensors for OEM applications and tailoring products so that they are fit-for-purpose. Some examples of installations in nuclear power plants have lasted up to 20 years with just a simple re-calibration needed. Custom designs include the use of exotic materials such as titanium and Hastelloy for the wetted materials, the design of special flanges and coated diaphragms,” says Drury. “Impress Sensors will continue to provide these important features for customers and support the OEM markets.”

View the LVDT Pressure Trasducer & Transmitter range here.

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