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Process indicators are ideal for OEMs, systems integrators and panel builders

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Process indicators are ideal for OEMs, systems integrators and panel builders

A new range of process indicators and panel meters are now available in the UK from Aldermaston-based sensor specialist Impress Sensors & Systems. 

The new range of process indicators offer total flexibility in terms of supply options, by offering process manufacturers, OEMs, machine builders, systems integrators and panel builders with a wide range of process inputs to suit temperature sensors, voltage and current output devices. 

The SRP-73, for example, is a compact, programmable process meter, which has a 13mm digital, four-digit, two-colour display. The unit is available with one or two relay outputs. There’s also an RS-485 interface for networking to process monitoring systems.

The SRP-94 is a larger programmable process meter, which has a 20mm LED digital, two-colour display and up to four relay outputs. The unit provides an active current output which can be taken off to another interface, and sensors can be powered from the unit’s dedicated sensor power supply. The SRP-77 is similar to the SRP-94, but offers a two-row display (red and green) panel. 

For customers who need to mount the indicator on a wall in a dusty or high humidity environment, the SRP-N118 is a wall-mountable process meter protected by an IP65 housing made from ABS and glass-fibre. The unit has a 20mm LED four-digit, two-colour display and two relay outputs. The unit also offers signal peak value protection. 

For customers that need to mount a process meter in a remote application where high visibility is required, or where the unit is mounted on the outside of a building, the SWP-457 is ideal. This wall-mounted panel meter provides a 57mm LED four-digit display, housed in an IP65 (standard) or IP67 (optional) protected casing. There’s even an optional infrared remote control unit, which provides identical buttons to the panel meter’s own keypad, so that users can programme the unit without removing the casing. 

Impress Sensors also offers a bar graph indicator, the SRL-49, a two- or four-relay output process meter that provides an easy-to-read, 20-point, two-colour bar graph display, which reflects 0-100% of the measuring range. This type of indicator might be used to measure the volume of liquid in a process storage tank or lubricant/coolant reservoir. 

There’s also a low cost panel meter option, the SWE-73. These digital indicators are ideal for mounting in large panels, so that the user can quickly view multiple displays at once. 

All units in the range are available with AC or DC power supply, input types are voltage, 0-20mA or RTD temperature sensors and provide password-protection. Impress Sensors can also supply process meters with different configurations that can take encoder, quadrature and counter frequency outputs.

You can see the Indicators product page here. 

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