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Controller offers simultaneous measurement and control of multiple channels

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Controller offers simultaneous measurement and control of multiple channels

A new compact, multi-channel controller with touch-screen display is now available, which is ideal for the simultaneous measurement and control of a wide variety of process manufacturing applications.

The CMC-99 controller from Impress Sensors & Systems Ltd provides an incredible variety of input and output combinations to suit individual customer requirements. The three card slots on the reverse of the controller each comprise 16 I/O pin options, which enable the user to choose any combination of inputs and outputs to suit the application. For example, up to 48 analogue current or voltage inputs could be used; up to 16 relay/SSR outputs; 24 thermocouple inputs; or 12 RTD inputs; or a combination of these. The unit also incorporates a 24V DC digital input, enabling relays and triggers to be set up.

The CMC-99 is low cost compared to existing alternatives on the market and is ideal for a wide range of process applications, including centralised temperature measurement and control; multi-zone heating control; intermediate pumping station control; spraying and heating control for greenhouses; control of industrial furnaces and incinerators; and for engine test cell measurements.

Measuring just 96mm x 96mm x 100mm, the controller housing is very compact, which means the unit can be installed in restricted spaces. The controller has a 3.5-inch backlit colour TFT display and is based on the Linux operating system, with touch-screen menu navigation, offering ease of use and familiarity to the operator. A USB interface is provided on the front of the device, enabling the user to upload or download software programs quickly and easily via a USB memory stick.

PID Control

The controller is available in two power supply versions, 230V or 24V AC/DC. An auxiliary 24V DC/200mA supply output on the back of the unit enables external sensors and actuators to be connected and powered by the controller. The CMC-99 can also act as a PID process controller, providing a reliable control loop feedback mechanism for a variety of process temperature and pressure control applications.

The CMC-99 also comes with a number of communications interfaces, including two RS485 ports, two RS232, a second USB Host and an Ethernet connection, allowing the controller to integrate easily with the customer’s existing process control networks and fieldbuses. 

The CMC-99’s integral software provides the user with archiving, printing and visualisation options. A variety of visual presentation display options for recorded measurements are available, including numerical display, bar graph or needle gauge display.

The CMC-99 is also available with a transparent, lockable door to IP42. An IP65 version is supplied with an additional fitted moulded frame.

To see the full details of the CMC-99 and CMC-141 products please click here.

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