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This page should help answer any questions you may have.  If we still have not answered your questions please feel free to contact us on +44 (0)1635 291600.

What Quality system does Impress work to?

Impress have ISO 9001 certification, please follow this link to the ISO certificate.

Do Impress supply end users as well as distributors?

Impress will supply to end users as well as distributors in the UK. If you are overseas and we feel that your local distributor will be able to respond to your enquiry more efficiently due to time zones or dialog then we will request that they contact you to discuss your requirement. Our distributors are fully trained and supported by us and will be able to offer the same service as we do.

Are the products manufactured by Impress or distributed?

We manufacture a range of pressure transmitters and OEM products but also offer complimentary products from reputable suppliers in the temperature, level, indication, controls & logging section. Our manufacturing strength is offering custom design products for OEM customers and using our production facility we can cater for large or small requirements.

Why buy from Impress?

Our extensive experience in the instrumentation industry gives us the ability to understand what is required by the customer not only for products but also quality of service and response. We pride ourselves on getting back to you immediately when you have questions or require a quotation with quality and comprehensive information

What is the Standard warranty on Products?

Due to the broad range of products we offer warranty varies from product to product. For example, A standard industrial pressure transmitter would have 12 months warranty but a temperature thermocouple assembly only has 6 months. Other products such as the OEM range of pressure transmitters have 24 months warranty. For a full list of warranty times please contact sales

What are the company's standard terms and conditions?

If you would like a full copy of our terms and conditions please click the following link for a downloadable PDF file. Click Here for Terms & Conditions

How do you order from Impress?

The best way to ensure correct details have been discussed is to arrange for a quotation. The quotation will contain the product type, part number, price, delivery and also the full details of the products calibration. In addition to this we supply a datasheet with every quote for your information. To order simply send your official purchase order through by post, fax or e-mail and include the quotation number on the order. We will then tie the order to the quotation to make sure everything is correct

What happens once I have placed the Order?

Once we have received your order confirmation in writing we will load it to our sales order system. We can then send you an order acknowledgement which will once again confirm the parts you have ordered, price and expected shipping date from Impress. Once the goods are shipped and e-mail will be sent to you to confirm the shipping details of the product including courier details and tracking number. If the delivery date of your order has been missed then we will contact you and inform you of a new shipping date.

What methods of payment do you accept?

If you going to order again in the future we suggest you open an account with us to make ordering and paying easy. If you do not have an account then you can either send us a cheque before the despatch date or make payment by BACS transfer direct to our euro or sterling bank account. If you would like to open an account then please Click here for an account application form

What is your returns policy and how do I send products back?

If there are any problems with your products we will first try to solve the problem over the phone or by e-mail by asking a set of routine questions and doing a few routine checks. If this does not resolve the problem then we will advise you to return the product to the factory with a detailed description of the application, electrical interface and the fault that you are seeing. We will then issue a service report to you with details on what was found with the product and steps to get the device back to you in working order. If it is found to be a manufacturers fault then we will replace the product free of charge and also pay for any incurred carriage charge when returning the goods. If the fault is of misuse or application error then further investigations will need to be performed onsite to establish a suitable solution

How can I give feedback to the products and services received from you?

You can access the customer satisfaction survey form from this link here. Please complete the information and click 'Submit' on the form. All comments are welcomed!

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