Custom design instrumentation

In addition to our standard range of instruments, Impress can offer a customised design service for customers who require non-standard instruments. We have a dedicated team of highly qualified professional engineers with experience of electronic, software, mechanical and instrument design.  If you have an application where a ‘standard’ instrument doesn’t meet your technical or budgetary requirements please talk to Impress about how we can design and build a custom solution to your measurement application.

Examples of customised designs recently carried out by Impress:


Transmitter with WETCON series electrical connection

This product was designed to operate in applications where the external pressure applied on the housing and electrical connection would get as high as 400 bar!  Utilising the WETCON series electrical connection and hydrostatically testing the product to meet this requirement, the SS series of products are the ideal solution.

Concrete Slurry Pumping

This product was designed to measure 12 bar of concrete slurry being pumped along a delivery line, there is a possibility in these applications that blockages occur and pressure as high as 200 bar can be reached, therefore the device has to be able to withstand this level of pressure without rupturing.  Designed with an ANSI 1500 flange and secondary containment this design ensures a rugged failsafe solution.


Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) - Offshore

Impress designed a highly accurate pressure sensor for an OEM manufacturer of ROV equipment for geological surveys. The size constraints, accuracy and cost issues were all solved with this innovative design, whilst maintaining a very competitive price in this increasingly competitive market.

Pump Control - Building Management

Impress designed a pressure transducer that addressed the difficulties of pressure measurement in maintaining the water pressure in large commercial buildings from pump control system.  A very wide operating voltage range, a small zero offset specification and the need for all wetted parts to be WRAS Approved and compatible with chlorine.


Leak Control/Data Logging – Utility Industry

The water industry is under constant pressure to reduce leaks in the water distribution system. A common method is to control the mains pressure by utilising data from portable battery operated pressure loggers. Impress was tasked with designing a low power transducer with an integral ‘quick-release’ fitting and static errors better than 0.1%.

Low cost PCB Mountable pressure sensor

Electronic tyre pump control machines in petrol stations is an increasing market, Impress have designed a PCB mountable device to accurately control the pressure set by the user to stop the air pump when the desired pressure is met.  This device meets the top requiremetns being accuracy and VERY low cost!

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