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» Fuel Pressure measurement in pumps, engines and pipes

Fuel pressure measurement can cover a lot of different applications, the typical installatoins are those onboard vehicle whre correct fuel pressures are required when providing fuel from a pump into a fuel intection rail system which in turn provides correct injection of fuel to an combustion engine.

Fuel pressure measurement is relatively simple as the pumps providing the fuel pressure are usually constant so the only areas to consider is the type of fuel for media compatibility, the temperature of the environment the sensor will be used in and the likely hood of pressure spikes from the fuel pumps.

The following products are those suited to this application also associated instrumentation and accesorys are listed also.


IMP Fuel pressure sensor switch for fuel measurement

IMP Fuel Pressure Transmitter

Pressure Range: 0.5 Bar up to 600 Bar Gauge or Absolute
Output: mV, Current or Voltage
Description:  The IMP Fuel pressure sensor is a standard ndustrial grade pressure transmitter that is also suitable, with the correct O ring selection, for use in fuel pressure measurement.  The ceramic pressure sensor used within the device is ideal for chemical compatability along with the stainless steel housing. 


AS fuel pressure sensor for autosport, motorsport and automotive applications

AS Fuel Pressure Transmitter

Pressure Range: 0.5 Bar up to 20 Bar Gauge or Absolute
Output: Ratiometric and non ratiometric Voltage or mV
Description:  The AS Fuel pressure sensor has been designed to be fitted onboard a vehicle or installed directly on the engine where temperatures, shock and vibration are high but sensors reliability and performance is still of prime concern.


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