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» Borehole level measurement using level and pressure sensors

Boreholes are great resources for water and subsequently submersible pumps are used to pump from the bottom of the borehole to the surface.  For the pumps to work efficiently they ust maintain a level of water above them to stop them runnig dry which can destroy a pump in a very short period of time.


By using a submersible level transmitter these can either be submersed with the borehole pump and attached to the bracketry or installed after by lowering them into the borehole to a known height from the cable distance.


The sensors will then output a signal to the surface via the cable which can be converted to level, the signal can then be taken off to an SRP-N118 digital process display for instance and this can be used to trigger a relay and turn the pump off is the level is too low or on if the level in the borehole is rising too high.


IML Submersible level transmitter

IML Standard submersible level transmitter

The IML is a submersile level transmitter which will output a low powered millivolt, 4-20mA or voltage signal based on the level / pressure on the diaphragm it is exposed to.  Fully submersible to a depth of 200 meters.


» Associated Instrumentation

SRP_N118 digital process display for level measurement

SRP-N118 Digital process display

The SRP-N118 has a large 20mm high display which is ideal for outdoor long visibility use and can be scaled to show the level of a borehole in meters, mm, cm and any user defined scale.  The digital process display will provide power to the sensor when powered itself and has one or two relays function which can be used as high or low level alarms.


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