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ILR 83x83

Products ranging from draw wire encoders, traditional LVDT's, Eddy current devices through to laser triangulation products and newly added Magnetic sensors

Draw wire (string pots) displacement sensors

Draw wire (string pots) displacement sensors (0/10)

Measurement ranges starting at 50mm through to 50 mtrs, Various outputs such as 1K POT, 4 - 20mA or Volts.  Simple OEM versions through to waterproof, high shock and vibration products for specific applications

Optical & Laser distance sensors

Optical & Laser distance sensors (0/0)

Various optical measuring principles to enable measurement ranges from 0.12mm through to 250 meters.  High resolution (<0.004% FSO) and Linearity of <0.03% FSO.  Frequency responses from 500Hz to 37kHz

Inductive / LVDT displacement sensors

Inductive / LVDT displacement sensors (0/0)

Measurement ranges from a few tenths of a millimeter to over 600 mm, internal or external electronics, outputs are 4 - 20mA or 0 - 10V and are scaleable by the customer.  Accuracy from <0.15% FSO.

Eddy Current & Capacitive distance sensors

Eddy Current & Capacitive distance sensors (0/0)

These products offer superior precision and resolution from a measurement range as little as 0.05mm through to 80mm.  Accuracies of 0.1% and resolutions to 0,000018 % FSO!! Frequency responses of up to 100kHz

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