ATM/T - Transmitter for pressure and temperature


This pressure transmitter has pressure range from 100mbar through to 1000 bar available in either Gauge reference, Absolute or Sealed Gauge.  A choice of electrical outputs and also 'Uniquely' provides the temperatyure of the media output as a 4-20mA or Voltage signal.

Product details

Minimum pressure range
100 mbar
Maximum pressure range
1000 bar
Gauge, Sealed Gauge & Absolute
0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20mA, 0-20mA for both pressure and temperture signals
Supply Voltage
15 - 30V dc
Process Connection
G1/2" male, frontal and flush diaphragm
Electrical Connection
DIN43650 Plug & Socket, MIL Spec Connector, Binder 723 Series, Cable
Temperature Range
0 - 80°C
Optional Extra's
Increased temperature range to 150°C, Filling fluids, Improved Accuracy
Product Downloads

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