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If you struggle to locate the sensor or instrumentation you require, you may like to try looking in the applications section of the website by clicking here

You will find sensors that relate to applications specifically and also related instrumentation products and accesories such as signal conditioning, power supplies and mounting kits to make the implementation of the sensor as easy as possible.


Pressure Measurement (42/175)

DS400-background 83x83

Pressure sensors, switches, transducers and transmitters in a variety of formats and suitable for a wide range of applications


Temperature Measurement (10/38)

temp-intro-rotated 83x83

Simple temperature elements, assemblies, thermowells and probes through to complex non-contact temperature pyrometers


Level Measurement (13/42)

level-intro 83x83

Technologies ranging from submersible hydrostatic probes through to technologically advanced Ultrasonic for a multitude of applications


Distance Measurement (5/10)

ILR 83x83

Products ranging from draw wire encoders, traditional LVDT's, Eddy current devices through to laser triangulation products and newly added Magnetic sensors

Process Controllers (2/2)

MultiCon-CMC pen-BR

Our range of controllers include simple on/off limit control through to full PID process controllers with an endless arrangement of options


Process Indicators (11/23)

SRP-94 83x83

Small medium or large displays with several levels of visibility, scaling, engineering units and also include analogue outputs & relays

Data Logging & Recorders (4/22)

logger-intro 83x83

We can supply simple data loggers for single channel temperature through to 48 channel mixed inputs and varying levels of software capabilities

Calibration Equipment & Services (6/15)

Calibrator-intro 83x83

Hand pumps, temperature baths and complex pressure generators with high accuracy calibration



SIL2 Approved Products (0/11)

SIL2-Products-background 83x83

We have a range of products that are certified and approved for applications where SIL2 is a requirement



Wireless Technology (0/0)

z200 100x100

We have a large range of solutions using wireless technology, typically Zigbee communications which interface to a variety of process signals and sensors.


Trip Amplifiers (0/0)

2002hl 100x100

A wide range of trip amplifiers to take a variety of process inputs such as current, voltage, thermocouples and RTD's. Single trip, dual trip and smart programmable versions also.

Signal Conditioning (0/0)

dualcon 100x100

Isolated and DIN rail mountable signal conditioning to cater for a inputs such as current, AC and DC voltage, thermocouples, RTD's and pulse inputs. All process outputs.

Complete Systems (0/1)


As well as providing individual sensor solutions, Impess can offer a complete turnkey package interfacing our range of sensors with controllers, indicators, data loggers to suit the application requirements.

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